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Our Office Contacts   
This is one more approach we feel may assist you in reaching us. Please feel free to contact us through E-mail or by phone should you have a question, or any concerns or issues about the services you have received.

To send an E-mail message, click the link below for the staff member you want to send your message to. For detailed information, hover mouse cursor over staff member name.

Our staff is always ready to serve you.

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Telephone Facsimile
George Coats, CPA 972-353-6444 972-353-6474
Ron Guintu 972-353-6434 972-353-6464
Darla Kunsman 972-353-6431 972-353-6461
Michael Litchfield, CPA 972-353-6449 972-353-6479
Cory Strange, CPA 972-353-6446 972-353-6476
Joe Strange, EA 972-353-6439 972-353-6469
Johnny Strange, EA 972-353-6445 972-353-6475
Myrna Guzman 972-353-6497 972-732-0069
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