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Estate Planning

  Often in our fast-paced, day-to-day lives, planning what to do with your assets at death, or caring for your loved ones and what will happen to your assets is usually last on everyone's list. But taking time to plan and then create or update your will is too important a task to neglect.

  Estate planning is much more than simply writing a will. It is a process that involves making decisions about managing your personal assets and the kinds of ownership your assets may take, and how they may be transferred to others, at the time of your death. It also addresses your personal needs. For example, planning and preparing a living will or other health care directive is important should you suddenly become incapacitated, and unable to care for yourself.

  A simple will is a legal document that outlines your preferences about how your want your assets handled and your family cared for at death. It is written and executed in accordance with state law that becomes irrevocable at your death.
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The following is a list of books that you may find useful in your estate planning:

Warning: Dying May Be Hazardous
to Your Wealth

Adriane G. Berg
Career Press
Estate Planning Guide
Sidney Kess
Commerce Clearing House
Simple Will Book--How to Prepare a
Legally Valid Will, 2ed.

Denis Clifford
Nolo Press
The Handbook of Estate Planning
Renno Peterson
Plan Your Estate With a Living Trust
Nolo Press
Understanding Living Trusts
Vickie Schumacher
Schumacher Company
Estate Planning Information
There are literally hundreds of estate planning resources available both online, as well as on book shelves. If you're not certain of a particular title, you can search for a generalized category at  or Barnes & Noble.

Read how the new tax laws affect estate planning.
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